Service Level Agreement

Chameleon City
Service Level Agreement
Valid from: September 26, 2017


The Chameleon Team manages the inquiries from our apps, which enables our Customers to use Chameleon City (“Chameleon”), a request network to support people traveling and living abroad. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been created to define our services and measure our effectiveness. This SLA applies specifically to Chameleon Service in currently-active cities.


1. Services Provided by Chameleon Team

The Chameleon Team will communicate and promote Chameleon Service and control incidents. Each inquiry by a Customer is an Incident, and the documentation of an incident into our tracking system is called a Ticket. Chameleon Service reserves the right to suspend the SLA if high-priority problems are identified by the Management team.


2. Chameleon Team Hours of Operation

Time Zone: Local to currently-active Chameleon cities.

Full Service:

Most services and third party referrals are available. Resolution delays may occur on weekends or other hours in which third party services are unavailable.


Reduced Service:

Many services and third party referrals are outside of normal operating hours, which likely will result in resolution delays. Reduced Chameleon Team staff may result in response delays.


Limited Service:

Most services and third party referrals are outside of normal operating hours, which likely will result in resolution delays. Minimum Chameleon Team staff may result in response delays.

3. Chameleon Team Service Access


Method Details
Chameleon Web App Chameleon Website
Chameleon iOS App Apple App Store


4. Customer Responsibilities

Users of Chameleon services will comply with policies and procedures specified below, as well as those in the published in Chameleon general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Key areas of compliance are:

  1. Use Chameleon apps to access Chameleon Team staff and services.
  2. Do not give out passwords; our staff will never ask for your password. If asked, report immediately to
  3. Address incidents with Chameleon app chat system. If unsatisfied after first contacting Chameleon Team, escalate to our Management team:
  4. Attend, read, or watch all training materials when and if offered, so we can serve you and work together better.
  5. Use your browser application’s Help Menus if you struggle with your Browser
  6. Use your mobile device Help Menus if you struggle with your mobile device; Chameleon can only refer you to competent IT services provider, if necessary, but we do not directly resolve IT-related issues.
  7. Backing up or otherwise saving provided information is the Customer’s responsibility. Chameleon reserves the right to retain or expunge data in compliance with its own data retention policy.
  8. Exclusive use of any one particular Chameleon Team member is not permitted; however, informing us of excellent service is expected so we can reward our Team for their good work.
  9. Offline use of any Chameleon services is not permitted; this includes asking for personal information, physical location, home or work address, GPS coordinates.
  10. The Chameleon Team will never ask you for a face-to-face meeting under any circumstances; if asked, report immediately to
  11. Lock mobile devices at all times; do not leave Chameleon apps open for non-subscribers to access.


5. Priorities and Response Times

See #6, below, for response times for specific services available during published service hours.


Priority of Incident Description Maximum Time for

(unless otherwise negotiated)

Response Resolution
Low General information requests with no particular time-based response requirement 1 day 3 days
Normal Basic support 3 hours 1 day
High Priority Customer cannot continue on their way without support 30 minutes 8 hours
Urgent Health and safety related, or high-impact to overall experience in city subscribed 10 minutes 6 hours


6. Resolution Times

Service Maximum Resolution Time
Response w/ in-house knowledge 2 hours
Response w/ research 6 hours
Dispatch of Third-Party Service Contingent on vendor estimate


7. Escalation Procedures

Level Initiate when… Contact Phone
1 SLA response time not met Chameleon app once again
2 If no response is received within 4 hours after Level 1 escalation. Chameleon Management Team +1 415 964-0054


8. Reporting

Monthly, the Chameleon software reports to the Management Team the degree to which the SLA has been honored. Results are shared with Chameleon Team via e-mail. Quarterly, the Management reports to the Executive Team.

Chameleon may provide basic reporting to Business Class customers, including volume, and a summary of inquiry categories (eg. transportation, food & beverage, etc.) and contact timestamps. Chameleon adheres to strict user privacy and confidentiality guidelines, and will never share chat transcripts or identifying user information.


9. Systems and Components Supported

The Chameleon Team is limited in the information they may provide. Information is limited specifically to referrals and quick advice related to the following listed activities. For inquiries that fall outside of the specific categories below, the Chameleon Team reserves the right to refuse service, or to provide added service at their own discretion.


  1. Shopping Activities
  2. Entertainment Activities
  3. Wellness Activities
  4. Education Activities
  5. Transport
  6. Business Activities


10. Components Expressly Not Supported

  1. Illegal Activities
  2. Legal Advice
  3. Globally or Locally Unethical Activities, as determined by Chameleon Team
  4. IT (Information Technology) Support
  5. Medical, Health, and Safety Emergencies
  6. Violations of UN Global Compact Principles, specifically
    1. Violations of Human Rights
    2. Violations of Labour Law
    3. Corrupt Activities
    4. Violations of Environmental Protection


11. Support Order of Priority

(1 is highest)

  1. Customer is unable to perform work required in that moment
  2. Affects Customer’s perception of subscribed city
  3. High organizational, and/or group impact
  4. Response time overdue


12. Support Fees or Recharges

Chameleon Customers may have a monthly subscription fee.

Current accounts may use Chameleon Service without restriction.

Overdue accounts may have their Chameleon service disabled at any time


13. Definition of Terms


Term Definition
Chameleon App The primary point of contact for Customers of Chameleon Service, that provides access to the knowledge via a request network
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Agreement between Chameleon and Customer, that specifies services, hours, access, responsibilities, priorities and response times, and components supported
Incident Event deviating from standard operation of a system, i.e. fluid productivity in the subscribed city
Problem An undesired situation that is identified through (multiple, or recurring) Incidents and indicates an error resulting in a disruption of  the fluid productivity in the subscribed city
Subscribed City The City for which the Customer has subscribed to access the Chameleon Service


14. Signatures


Chameleon Team Manager

Mr. Bien Nguyen, Operations

Signature on file
Chameleon Executive

Mr. Peter Petracca, CEO

Signature on file


Right to amend this agreement reserved by Chameleon City Inc., through issuance of a Request For Change and a Change Action Board meeting with Executive Team. Responsibility for revising this agreement on an annual basis lies jointly with the Chameleon Expert Team, and Chameleon Management Team.

Emergency Contacts

115 – Ambulance / Medic

114 – Fire

113 – Police

112 – Search & Rescue

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